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Never Waste Time On Analysis or Second-Guessing Yourself Again!

"The data doesn't lie. ANN provides me with a great confluence & confidence to trade when the probabilities are in my favour. The support from the team at Synapses Technologies has been world class."
Day Trader & Investor, UK

Most Traders Struggle To Correctly Identify The Daily Bias. This Is Where ANN Comes In!

Real-time data on market probabilities

Discover the probability of each asset being bullish or bearish...

Identify high-probability trades

Get alerts for assets likely to trend in the coming session...

Backtest our data with your trading strategies

Test your trading strategies on historical data before...

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Accuracy From Live Data Since January 2022
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Discover the True Power of ANN...

Identifying High-Probability Trades Just Changed Forever!


✖ Hours of Time-Consuming Research & Analysis

✖ Always Second-Guessing Yourself

✖ Trade the Right Direction but Take Frustrating Losses Within The "Noise"

✖ Waiting For All Your Confluences To Align, Only To Miss The Trade

✖ Self-Doubt & Always Seeking External Reassurance







✔ New York Bias Delivered For Each Asset Just After 8am EST

✔ Know The Probabilities Before You Trade

✔ Have Confidence In Your Trading Bias, Backed By Extensive Data

✔ Identifies The Most Highly-Probable Trading Opportunities For You

✔ Trade Smarter & More Confidently With Less Stress

Professional Traders Use Data & Tech To Make Decisions, So Why Don't You?

"Real people. Experienced and successful traders. Whatever your success, ANN will take you higher."
Legal Professional & Trader
"I am glad to have met so many great minds that did not gatekeep knowledge. The most pioneering of them being the guys at Synapses Technologies. They changed the game!"
Macro Analyst & Trader

Improve Your Trading Edge...

Constant Innovation

We are always working on improving ANN and adding further models and trading sessions to the data suite.

Complete User Guide

Get expert guidance on how to use ANN to trade smarter and more consistently!

Data & Case Studies

We publish regularly updated data reports and case studies to help you maximize the potential of ANN!

Member-Only Forum

ANN works with Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies!

Various Asset Classes

ANN works with Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies!

24/7 Support

We have a support team ready to assist you with whatever you need!


Find answers to your most common questions about Synapses Technologies and our flagship AI trading solution, ANN.

In our market evaluation, we identified a significant problem that challenges many retail traders daily: figuring out the daily directional bias. Recognising the daily bias in the chosen trading asset is crucial for traders.

By deciphering the prevailing sentiment and market direction, you can refine your strategies to align with the market. Awareness of the daily bias brings an added layer of technical precision, enhancing the likelihood of successful outcomes.

ANN, our powerful proprietary AI solution, harnesses state-of-the-art methodologies to efficiently extract insight from extensive datasets through specific processing models. By employing a sophisticated approach, ANN generates valuable insights and predictions, ensuring our decision-making is grounded in comprehensive data analysis. With ANN as our trusted tool, we are equipped to provide accurate and informed guidance for navigating the market.

If you are a trader looking to improve your edge or add to your trading toolbox, ANN is perfect for you. Professional traders utilize data and technology, and retail traders should too!

Navigating the challenging and ever evolving market landscape requires a competitive edge. At Synapses Technologies, we recognize the constant pursuit of advantage that traders like you undertake. Our unique daily bias solution empowers you with data-driven insights, enabling informed decision-making so you can navigate the market with confidence.

ANN is a unique and distinct market tool for retail traders, offering exceptional capabilities. Its predictive models have been validated through more than 13,000 data points, providing a reliable indication of daily sentiment before the New York market opens.

This grants users a significant advantage in making well-informed decisions. What sets ANN apart is its statistical foundation, leveraging a robust test from over a decade of data, giving it an edge over other tools, as well as our outstanding support and resources.

Furthermore, ANN is designed to complement trading strategies, and can integrate with all trading strategies, or algorithmic trading. As a powerful ally, ANN empowers traders to make more confident decisions in the market based on reliable data driven insights.

No, absolutely not. ANN provides data and a probabilistic edge which should be used in conjunction with a tested trading model.

Yes. Currently, ANN focuses on the 8am New York open and provides a probability of the market closing above or below this open price by the 4pm New York close.

We are continuously developing and testing further models but, quite honestly, if you utilize ANN properly then trading the New York session is more than enough to be a consistently profitable trader.

No. You should use ANN alongside your own trading strategy and always do your own testing and research. ANN is simply to be used as an additional confluence.

You can cancel your subscription either by navigating to the ‘Account’ tab and going to ‘Subscriptions’ or by emailing us at with at least 24 hours’ notice of your subscription ending and we can do it for you.

Of course. We have resources immediately available to you to show you how to interpret ANN’s data and take advantage of it, and the Member’s Forum is there for you to ask questions and communicate with other ANN users.

Yes. We accept Crypto payments for the 3 month, 6 month and annual subscriptions.

Please email and we can send you instructions and an invoice to pay through Coinbase Commerce.

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